Real Estate in Texas is always something many look at. But there's another thing that others in the state don't think about. What is that you ask?

Well the towns themselves! To be honest, when was the last time you thought about who owned a town in Texas. They have to have a lot of money right?

Well recently that idea did indeed come into play with someone trying to purchase one town in Central Texas. But while the number to purchase the town may be way out of someone's range, something else was found that might surprise any Texan.

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Wait, Someone Owns Ding Dong, Texas?

As it turns out, the town of Ding Dong, Texas actually has an owner. But how did we come to this realization? Well, Tik Tok has the beginnings of this story:

So it looks like trying to buy the town itself it 50 MILLION DOLLARS?!? That's honestly more than we expected. But with a budget of $69,000 (nice) it looked like the only thing this individual could do is reveal if they were able to adopt the town.

But what was discovered further confuses us, and actually raises another question:

Hold on a second, somebody has already adopted Ding Dong, Texas? It was also taken by someone named Eric The Cat? How in the world did this work out?

Now we have more questions than answers to be completely honest. Mainly, whom is Eric The Cat?!?

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