When I was very young there was a minor league baseball park that had a narrow foul area up the right field and baseballs left the park all the time. Well, in Waco, Texas this past Friday, a car driving past a Friday Night Lights game had a football land in their vehicle.

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Until now, every time I remember going to those minor league baseball games, I will always remember getting my first foul ball, and how cool it was to catch it before even getting inside the stadium. Now, after seeing this video, it feels like my parents should have been taking me to football games because this is the ultimate sports souvenir.

How did a car end up catching a field goal kick in Waco, Texas?

It is definitely a one in a million, or probably more, that the ball landed at exact the right moment for the passing speed of traffic to intercept the kick. Hopefully the young woman was able to keep the ball, after all it was a fair catch.

It is more than likely she set the all time yards after catch record as the width of an average city block is about 100 meters compared to 100 yards for a football field. This is one story that all who witnessed in person, or via the above video will most likely go untouched compared to any other.

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