Some laws are so necessary that the moment the governor signs them, they are enacted almost immediately across Texas. Other laws require some patience and finesse for those affected to become compliant, and that often means these laws become active once the calendar flips to the new year.

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What new Texas law is now banned for shoppers in the new year?

There are now several new restrictions on how vaping products can be packaged, and also marketed to customers due to its potential influence on minors. The new law is called Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act, and it is specifically written to deter the usage and purchasing of vaping devices by underage children.

How does the new law impact consumers that are not children?


One of the biggest changes that comes from the new law is vaping products will no longer be able to use influencer marketing, or celebrity images. The restriction on images within the packaging will also serve as a major change for adult consumers, especially when you consider how much of today's culture has adopted memes and emojis into everyday life.

Why is removing images from packaging so impactful for consumers?

Words are not nearly as attractive or attention grabbing as images, so marketers will have to develop new ways to package and advertise vaping products. You also cannot parody other well known images that have a history of being associated with products designed for minors.

Will this new law help protect children?

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