Hey fellow duffers, I love to play golf, don't you? I should say I love to play at golf, because I'm no good at it, but I still have a great time doing it when the opportunity comes along. Now the latest survey has come out revealing the worst place to play golf in the entire United States, and it's located in the Great State of Texas.

First up, we take these surveys with a grain or two of salt, because, you know, statistics can be manipulated. But having looked over the list, it's probably pretty correct in most cases.

Golf 2 - Canva
Golf 2 - Canva

Let's Start At The Top 5

  1. Scottsdale, Arizona - I haven't been to the southern part of Arizona yet so obviously, I haven't had the chance to play any golf there, but according to the people who play there a lot, it scores very high in the rankings pulling the top spot on 5 of the 6 grading criteria.
  2. Orlando, Florida
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Cincinnati, Ohio (that one surprised me)
  5. Savannah, Georgia

San Antonio, Texas came in at a very respectable 10th spot on the list.

Golf 1 - Canva
Golf 1 - Canva

Are You Ready For The Bad News?

Pasadena, Texas comes in dead last out of the Top 200 cities in the survey.

Pasadena is located just southeast of Houston and is well known for its petroleum refining plants and the accompanying... smell. They will argue that it smells like money, and for them, I guess it does. There is only one golf course in Pasadena, and according to those in the know, it's not very good.

Pasadena Municiple Golf Course - Goolge Maps
Pasadena Municipal Golf Course - Google Maps

The Pasadena Muni is sandwiched between a petroleum storage tank farm and the Joint Reserve Base at Ellington Field. If you enjoy watching planes take off and land while you putt, it's perfect.

The bad news... for Pasadena, is that the Muni is the only golf course they have, and technically it's not within the city limits. There is the Battleground Golf Course but 98% of it is located in the neighboring city of Deer Park.

Pasadena Municiple Golf Course parking area... it's a little flat. - Goolge Maps
Pasadena Municiple Golf Course parking area... it's a little flat. - Goolge Maps

The good news... is Pasadena doesn't care. They are a blue-collar bunch that works hard and plays hard. For those that do enjoy the game of golf, they are located right next to Houston and surrounding areas which has a metric ton of great courses everywhere you look.

Having grown up in the area I've spent some time in Pasadena, worked in Baytown, been to airshows at Ellington, and hung out a few times at Gilley's back in the day. Pasadena has some good points, golf just isn't one of them.

We love you Stink-a-dena, not for golf, but keep cranking out that gas. This electric car thing is never going to work like they want it to.

Check out all the best places for golf in the survey below, for other information, check out the complete survey with methodology at LawnStarter.com.

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