Billie Mooney of Waldo, Arkansas recently claimed a $100,000 Powerball prize at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) Claim Center in Little Rock.

The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold at E-Z Mart #4210, 206 W. McKissack in Waldo, for the Oct. 4 drawing. The winning numbers were white balls 9, 35, 54, 63, and 64, with the Powerball being 1. The multiplier was two. Mooney matched four white balls and the Powerball number. She increased her $50,000 prize to $100,000 by including the $1 Power Play feature. The Arkansas lottery player was unaware she had a winning ticket until she visited the E-Z Mart the following morning after the drawing.

“I go in to get my morning drink, and the two cashiers are just excited, hopping up and down,” she said. “One lady has the winning numbers in her hand, and the other says, ‘Miss Billie, have you checked your numbers yet? Someone from our store has won!’”

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

According to a press release, Mooney still didn’t believe she was the $100,000 Powerball winner but handed them the ticket to confirm. She was shocked when the lottery terminal played a special chime followed by a voice saying she was a winner. The Arkansan regularly plays the lottery and first told her daughter about the win. She looks forward to the financial security that the lottery prize will provide her and her family.

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