• Worst places to hide your stuff
  • Good ideas that should work much better

The stats show in the Great State of Arkansas, property theft totals over $200,000,000 every year. That's the bad news, the worse news is when it comes to residential burglaries, the bad guys already know where the best hiding places are. You better check these and make sure you're more clever than they are. Just in case.

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Six Worst Places To Hide Your Valuables In Arkansas

Gallery Credit: Jim Weaver

According to Crime Statistics from the Arkansas Department of Public Safety, the total value of everything stolen in Arkansas in 2022, which includes everything from home break-ins to livestock to vehicle theft, was over $200 million. Recovery totaled only about $60 million. Just a little over a quarter of everything stolen ever gets recovered. So, the best strategy is to try to keep what you have in the first place, and that means, making it hard to find and steal.

Maybe you would like to see a suggestion or two of good places to hide your stuff?

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If you're a bad guy, look away, this part isn't for you!

That probably didn't work, did it?

Remember, burglars are on a time crunch, they have to get in and back out within about 10 minutes. The more places they have to look the more it slows down the process.

  • Hollowed-out books? It sounds like a Hollywood thing but, believe it or not, if you have a lot of books on your shelves, going through all of them is pretty time-consuming.
  • Fake beverage or food cans or boxes for your pantry can work pretty well, again, going through each food can/box in the pantry is time-consuming.
  • Home decor items, other than vases.
  • A fake bottom on a trash can.
  • Air ducts/ventilation.
  • Fireproof safe. Not a cheap idea to be sure, but if you have things to protect like expensive jewelry, firearms, or important papers, this is an investment that could really pay off if something bad happens. Fireproof safes start at about $100 and go up from there. Makes you properly install them so a thief can't just pick it up and walk off.
Fireproof Safe - Canva
Fireproof Safe - Canva

A home security system with cameras, motion sensors, and fire detection is a great investment as well if you can financially pull it off.

Check out these videos for some other great ideas:

Lock your doors, put away your stuff, and don't leave your keys in your vehicle

Don't make it easy for them. Stay safe.

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