Some of you may know, the rest of you need to know, the first Saturday in November each year means it's Cullen Baker Country Fair time in Bloomburg, Texas.

The annual Cullen Baker Country Fair is well known around these parts as a great small-town fair that's filled with food, fun, arts and crafts, vendors of every kind, live music, a parade to start the day and much more.

The 3K Fun Run starts at 8:30 AM. To sign up or find out more, click here.

many fast runners run at finish line during race in the city

The parade starts at 10 AM. If you are participating in the parade, the lineup begins at 9:00 AM, by the way.

According to the Facebook Page, this year's Cullen Baker Fair is going to be huge with almost 200 vendor booths sold already, and the food booths are sold out, there is no more room. Can you believe that?

Cullen Baker T-Shirt 2023
Cullen Baker T-Shirt 2023

Live music with Stevie Ray & the Deacon during the day and a Street Dance Saturday night from 7 - 10 PM with music provided by Slick Nickel.

  • Vincent Chapman - The Dancing Umpire will be there!
  • Plus a car show and a tractor show.
  • Bounce Houses behind the new City Hall
  • Cake Walk
  • Be sure you grab some raffle tickets in front of the new City Hall.
  • The Cornhole tournament starts at 1 PM, and sign-up begins at noon.

The Cullen Baker Country Fair Sunday's Best Pageant is actually going to be a week earlier, this Saturday, October 28 starting at 10 AM in the Bloomberg Gym. Open to girls and boys ages 0 - 19. Click on the link to find out more.

All during the day at the Cullen Baker Fair, you'll find food booths, craft vendors, games, raffles with great prizes and many more things to do and see. For more information, follow the event on Facebook.

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