I never thought I would see the day that "Paranormal Mysteries" like UFOs and Cattle Mutilations would make it onto the mainstream press, but ever since the Pentagon admitted there are things flying around up there that they don't know what they are, or where they're from, anything is possible... and now, multiple reports of cow mutilations in the Great State of Texas? As a fan of paranormal investigations, forgive me but, I'm a little light-headed right now. Is that a tear in my eye?

Last week the Madison County Sheriff’s Office reported on its Facebook Page that they are investigating the death and mutilation of cattle along TX-OSR. TX-OSR runs from the town of Midway to I-45 and continues west southwest all the way to Bryan, College Station. I've driven it many times.

Ranchers reported to the Shriff's Office that a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow had been found dead, lying on her side, and mutilated on their ranch.

What follows is pretty descriptive:

A straight, clean cut, with apparent precision, had been made to remove the hide around the cow’s mouth on one side, leaving the meat under the removed hide untouched. The tongue was also completely removed from the body with no blood spill. It was noted there were no signs of struggle and the grass around the cow was undisturbed. No footprints or tire tracks were noted in the area.

Ranchers also reported that no predator animals or birds would scavenge what was left of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks.

If this was a normal animal death, the scavengers would have devoured it... they wouldn't touch it.

During the investigation of this reported death, Sheriff's Deputies discovered five other similar occurrences involving four adult cows and one yearling reported along the area of OSR that runs into Brazos County and also Robertson County.

The other cattle were mutilated in the same way, lying on one side with the exposed side of their face cut along the jawline and the tongue also completely removed. Plus, get this, on two of the five cows, the Madison County Sheriff's said:

a circular cut was made removing the anus and the external genitalia. This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow. Just like the first, there were no signs of struggle or disturbance in the grass, no blood spill, and no noticeable tracks. No predators or birds would scavenge the remains for several weeks after death.

The Sheriff's report stated the cause of death of all six cows remains unknown.

Madison County Sheriff's Office says that multiple similar incidents have been reported across the United States, (in fact for decades) and they are actively coordinating with other agencies to find answers. They would like to be notified if you or someone you know observes any similar occurrences.

Madison County Sheriff's Office on Facebook.

Bean Me Up - Canva
Bean Me Up - Canva

We're not saying it was aliens, but... it is one possible consideration. Nothing else makes any sense either, it is a mystery. Keep an open mind.

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