Not to induce panic or anything, but if you plan on needing an alcoholic beverage of choice on Christmas weekend in Arkansas, you better plan ahead. We will take a look at New Year's Eve and Day too. 

There's a law in Arkansas that states alcohol may not be sold in the State on Christmas Day.

Liquor Store Sign - Canva
Liquor Store Sign - Canva

True story.

Store shelves - Canva
Store shelves - Canva

So let's do some math:

Saturday night at midnight, liquor stores close. They must be closed on Christmas day, that would be Monday. Then, they won't open again until Tuesday at 9 AM.

Saturday to Sunday, 12 AM to 12 AM = 24 hours
Sunday to Monday, 12 AM to 12 AM = 24 hours
Monday to Tuesday, 12 AM - 9 AM = 9 hours
Correct me if I'm wrong... but that total = 57 hours!

attachment-Happy 2024 - Canva

Arkansas New Year's Day:

The State of Arkansas has no rules state-wide against liquor stores being open on New Year's Day, however, local ordinances can apply. For instance, here where we live in Texarkana a local ordinance states that liquor cannot be sold on New Year's Day. So that would be another 57 hours that liquor stores will be closed in Texarkana, Arkansas. Plan accordingly.

No Worries:

A liquor store being closed for any length of time is generally not a problem for me, I don't consume much. But if you're planning any last-minute gift ideas, you better not make them too last minute, if you know what I'm saying. If you have any recipes that require something tasty from the "package store" as we used to call it, better get on it. Plan on having a toast on Christmas Day, don't wait until Christmas Day, better make up your melon a few days in advance.

Wine selection - Make Up Your Melon - Canva
Wine selection - Make Up Your Melon - Canva

All we're saying is plan ahead, and there shouldn't be any problems. Unfortunately, not everyone will read this. Not that we're not trying.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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