Some are tired of it, some obsessed! I guess after seeing this, I'm somewhere in between. The Royal Wedding is tomorrow and although I'll be getting up at 3 a.m. to watch it live, rest assured I didn't get a tattoo on my teeth for the occasion!  I wonder how many people have pulled him aside and discretely let him know he has some broccoli stuck on his teeth?


British plumber Barmy Baz Franks, 29, got a dentist to use ultrafine brushes and stencils to paint images of the smiling royals. The temporary ivory art – known as “gnasher tats” – will last roughly three months, depending on how much Barmy Baz Franks brushes. “I’ve done some unusual dental cosmetics in my time, but this was certainly one of the strangest,” said the dentist, Dr. Neil Gerrard, in an interview with Small World News Service.

The patient says he was just doing his part to help celebrate the April 29 nuptials. “I love the royal family and this was my way of lending my support to their big day,” said Franks.

Well, at least the tats aren't permanent, right?

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