Whether you're actually in the market or just checking to see how the other half, make that 1% lives, this house is amazing. 

Actually, I think "palace" would be a more appropriate description, it is listed as a single-family dwelling in Houston with 8 bedrooms, 12 baths, and 26,401 square feet. Available to you right now for the low, low price of just $29,999,999... dollars.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Back - Zillow

Do you think if I pulled up in my 2016 RAM 1500 they would give me a tour?
Yeah, me neither.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Flyover - Zillow

Hey, I don't begrudge anyone their wealth, God bless 'em. Just wish I could join 'em once before.... you know.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Piano Room - Zillow

This home has been listed on Zillow for about a year, not sure if that means they're a motivated seller or they have all the time in the world and they want what they are asking. Would it hurt anything to offer $25 Million? Just saying.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Dinning Room - Zillow

The dinner table will only seat 14, is that going to be enough, really?

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Back Yard - Zillow

I would get winded just walking to the pool house.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Patio - Zillow

What's missing? Houston is hot, no ceiling fans on the patio? What gives?

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Staircase Stained Glass - Zillow

Wow, that's pretty.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Kitchen - Zillow

Could you do this place without a full-time personal chef? I don't think so.

100 Carnarvon Dr, Houston, TX 77024 - Screening Room - Zillow

Good luck getting me out of this room.

There are a few more pictures and details at the listing on Zillow. It's always fun to dream, maybe if I hit that big Lotto Jackpot someday. What an amazing place, happy house hunting.

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