To make sure we knew the best way to get thru all of the construction surrounding the Four States Fairgrounds to get to 'Sparks in the Park', we drove all up in it.

I drew a little map, and Jathan got out his phone for some video so we could show you...

First and foremost... BE PATIENT.

I was traveling east on Loop 245 from the Texas side towards the Fairgrounds...ALL LOOP TRAFFIC will have to exit on to Arkansas Boulevard.  Cross back over the loop on the bridge, and follow the marked detour route, along that route E. 46th Street will cross thru the construction to gain access to the south gate and VIP parking.  E. 50th Street also crosses thru the construction, and E. 54th Street... WATCH FOR STOP SIGNS, and be careful.

If you are on Arkansas Boulevard travelling toward the airport to come out to the show, you can take a left on Sanderson Lane, and take a right on any of the above mentioned streets to get to the fairgrounds.

Again, be patient, and come out early for all of the live music, food, and games with some really cool prizes.  Opening ceremonies begin at 6 p.m., and the fireworks show will start at 9:30p.m. sharp.


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