Father's Day is Sunday, and after hearing about all of the stuff he doesn't want for Father's day like ties and gym memberships, hopefully these facts about Dad will make you give him the gift he really deserves.

Here are five stats on giving Father's Day gifts this year from the National Retail Federation.

1. Seventy-five percent of people plan on celebrating Father's Day. And the younger you are, the more likely you are to celebrate. Which makes sense. Sadly, the older you are, the more likely it is your father isn't with us anymore.

2. The average person says they'll spend $116.

3. Men will spend about $20 more than women. Which is ridiculous because your dad totally favored your sister growing up, yet here you are as adults and YOU'RE the one willing to pay more for his gift.

4. Eighteen percent of people are spending more than last year . . . 10 percent are spending less . . . and the rest are spending about the same.

5. And 28 percent of people will get a Father's Day gift for their husband . . . 4 percent will get one for their grandfather . . . and 1.4 percent will get one for their godfather.

Shoppers will look everywhere to find the perfect gift. Most people planning to shop at department stores,while others will shop online and at discount stores. A small percentage will shop local at a small business.

Father's Day shoppers will use their smartphones and tablets to research and purchase gifts they know dad will love. About 25 percent of smartphone owners will use their devices to research gifts and compare prices. When it comes to actually buying gifts nearly 25 percent of tablet and phone owners will make a purchase with their devices.

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