Regifting used to be such a big No-No! But, that's changing. Maybe it's the economy or maybe we're just getting used to the idea. A new survey says most Americans are fine with the idea. So, maybe I need to rethink this whole thing!

The survey, conducted by, found that 92% of us say it's totally acceptable to regift. A large number (87%) of  Americans also feel that they were regifted at one time or another and 62% of those surveyed plan on regifting this year.

The study also showed that the average person that regifted saved around $150 on presents!

Just because it's acceptable to regift. It's the way you regift that you need to really pay attention too! Yes, there is etiquetteto follow!

According to, think about who you're regifting to and make sure it's a good match! Regifting should never become a common thing for you to do, only occasionally. Here's the big one... Never regift the gift to the person that gave it to you in the first place! That would label you as a very bad regifter! Kinda sounds like you need to be really organized to pull this off!


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