Patrons of the Houston Zoo are now free to pack heat while gazing at the gorillas or petting the goats in the children's petting zoo.

Signs prohibiting guns from the Houston Zoo were removed this week per orders from the city. The city of Houston required the signs be removed from the zoo's entrances after a local guns rights attorney pointed out that the zoo, although privately owned, sits on city-owned land. Because the zoo is on public land, it means guns cannot be banned, KHOU reported.

KHOU reported that most zoo patrons they interviewed said they felt uneasy bringing their children to the zoo knowing other visitors could be armed.

In a written statement, zoo representatives said, "While the zoo is currently investigating the legal implications of this request as it relates to the new and evolving law, we have complied with the city's request and have removed our 30.06 signs from the entrances."

[Via KHOU]

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