Booing and heckling is every sports fan's God-given right. You paid a lot of money to get into the game, so why shouldn't you have the right to insult the leftfielder's mother or wave a flag as the shooter stands at the foul line? It's part of the game that is usually tolerated, except for in golf.
Golf fans are always expected to be on their best behavior and discouraged from booing and heckling.

At last Sunday's Players Championship in Florida, golfer Kevin Na had a horrible round, and the spectators really let him have it. Afterwards, he complained about the noise coming from the gallery, which all golfers would agree with. Why should Golf be any different when it comes to heckling? I think it would force professional golfers to Improve their concentration and by golly they should considering the astronomical figures they make.

hey Kevin Na Made 10 Mil last season and I paid 250 dollars to watch him stink it up in Florida. so what's wrong with a little "You Suck!" from the Gallery? What Do You Think?