A woman who stripped off her top and barely covered herself with pink duct tape caused a sticky situation for cops in Seattle on Saturday. KOMO-TV reports officers were called to the Queen Anne Bar around 8 p.m. when the woman began taking off her top and applying duct tape on herself instead. She allegedly refused the bartender's orders to leave and grabbed the bartender's arm and twisted it.  The woman is also accused of scratching another female patron's face and eyes.

When cops arrived, the half-dressed woman reportedly took off, running into the bathroom of a nearby Taco Bell. Cops found her and cuffed the suspect, but she allegedly "freaked out" inside the cop car, according to police, kicking an officer in the head, before escaping the car by flipping backwards out of it, still cuffed. She was also accused of injuring two more officers as they tried to get her back into the car.

She was eventually hospitalized and sedated.  The three cops were also hospitalized but later released. One of them suffered a mild concussion, another a slightly dislocated jaw, and a third cop's pinky tendon was severed in the course of the arrest.