The only thing that could possibly make a wild night of retail sex even wilder is by throwing the company of a small baby into the mix. So, that is exactly what an Alabama man did.

Officers with the Tuscaloosa County Police Department say that a 29-year-old man took his 9-month-old son along with him to the Guest Lodge motel in hopes of having a little bit of kinky fun with a prostitute. Not that the man intended to pay to have juniors cherry popped a little early or anything like that – he simply could not find a babysitter. After all, it’s hard to find someone responsible to look after your kids when things, well, pop up.

According to the police report, once the dad was inside the motel room another man ambushed him and a brutal fight ensued, leading to shots being fired. Big poppa grabbed his kid and made a run for it. Unfortunately, the fight broke out before the man was able to fire any shots of his own.

“The child was on the bed, he picked the child up, tried to leave, that’s when he was shot at,” said Captain Loyd Baker of the Tuscaloosa Police.

The man suffered from injuries caused by a bullet grazing his head on the way out of the motel. When he arrived at a local hospital seeking treatment the police were called – he was charged with child endangerment.

The child was taken into protective custody, which is good, because kids shouldn’t be involved with hookers and shootouts until at least the age of two.

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