David Warner collided with several cars last Wednesday night and ended up being charged with drunk driving.  That wouldn't seem strange... except he was winning the county fair demolition derby at the time.

David won the small car division at the Jessamine County Fair in Kentucky (just south of Lexington).  When he got out of his car to get his trophy, David appeared to stumble, and officials and spectators told police he seemed drunk.

David admitted he'd pounded several Bud Lights before the competition to loosen up, but he denies that he was drunk.  His defense needs a little work, though.  He told a local news reporter, "I had eight beers... That's it!"

Police tried to give David a sobriety test, but he wasn't cooperative.  He refused a breathalyzer and said, quote, "I ain't blowin' in that (bleeping) tube, so you can shove it up your (backside)."

David was arrested and charged with DUI... Here's the story fro WKYT-TV...

County fair officials are considering stripping David of his trophy and prize money.  He's already been banned from all future fair events.  (So no tours of the 4-H pavilion, no custom air-brushed t-shirts, no Kenny Loggins concert.  Bummer.)


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