I just got back from vacationing in Galveston and the beach and water were great but what I'm hearing that might change over the next few months. There is a huge...we are talking massive blob of seaweed set to come into the Gulf of Mexico.

This 5,000-mile-long floating blob weighing 13 million tons is Sargassum Seedweed.  Normally stays way out in the Atlantic Ocean. Over the last decade, winds and currents have been pushing it into the Caribbean areas. Now it's hitting Florida's coastline and setting its eye on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Oh, and it's growing because it is loving the warmer temperatures, just like we do. Then when it starts to rot is smells, it smells bad like rotten eggs kind of bad.

Will the Seaweed Blob Hit The Texas Coast?

Large Algae Bloom In Atlantic Ocean Makes Way To Florida Beaches
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So, were you planning a beach vacation this summer? Will it hit the Texas coast? The sad news is no one really knows for sure but experts are expecting the seaweed to be at its highest in Florida by late June and into July. Maps so far are showing that it will come into the Gulf and then the Gulf Stream will swing it back around to Flordia into the Atlantic and totally miss Texas...probably. But some of those ocean currents can catch it and bring quite a bit onto the Texas coastline.


If it does come to the Texas shore it could cause some health problems, especially respiratory problems, rashes and definitely smelly problems too.


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