Like anyone who's just been through a trip to the hoosegow, Geezer Butler knows he probably shouldn't say too much about his case in public. He has, however, reached out to his fans with a brief message of thanks following his Jan. 27 arrest.

As previously reported, the Black Sabbath bassist was picked up by police and charged with charged with misdemeanor assault, public intoxication and vandalism after an incident that occurred at the Corkscrew Saloon in Death Valley, Calif., during which "an argument ... escalated into a physical confrontation — resulting in an individual being struck and a broken window."

Butler, who was released from custody after a short stay that included "detox and citation," resurfaced on Twitter Jan. 29, where he penned a pair of brief tweets that seemed to acknowledge the unseemliness of a 65-year-old member of rock royalty getting involved in a saloon brawl.

Details of the fracas haven't been publicly posted yet, but we're sure most of you will join us in crossing our fingers in the hopes that no one was seriously hurt and that all this will be sorted out before Butler's called upon to help finish the allegedly final Black Sabbath record, due to be recorded sometime this year.

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