Summertime is the perfect time to put your hands up in the air and scream like your mama is chasing you with a switch. After all, who’s looking? And even if they are, no one will care when they’re all doing it too aboard one of the fabulous thrill rides at Six Flags Over Texas! Now check out our best reasons for visiting the Arlington amusement park with your family.


Climb 255 feet into the sky on Titan, the most thrilling roller coaster at Six Flags. Taller than the Texas Giant, you’ll be breathless as you sweep through spirals, plunge into a 120-foot tunnel in total darkness, and fly over camel-back hills and around a carousel curve.

For those with kiddies who may not be up to thrills as major as those the Titan provides, head on over to the Mini Mine Train, a rollicking-fun pint-sized coaster for children at least 36-inches tall.


This year you’ll enter the icy domain of one of Batman’s arch rivals when you pass through “Snowy’s Cones,” an abandoned ice-cream factory to climb aboard Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast.

Once on board, you’ll be hurled backward through a frigid 190-foot tunnel, twisted into a 180-degree inversion, shot 200 feet into the air and then dropped back toward earth across 1,500 feet of track at up to 70 mph!


Want to cool off for a bit and get out of the Texas sun? Stroll on over to one of the park’s fabulous shows. “Aga-Boom,” at Six Flags until Aug. 12, is an enchanting, interactive European theatrical clown performance which will make you laugh and cheer. The show is closed Wednesdays, and free tickets must be picked up at the box office prior to the show to ensure you get a seat.

Also at the park for a limited time, “iLuminate” is a marvel of illusion and dance that will transfix your family. Performers in state-of-the-art costumes will literally light up the stage with their magic and grace. This show is closed on Tuesday, and again, tickets must be picked up in advance.


A day at the park just isn’t complete until you’ve chowed down on some yummy good eats like the sweet fried pastries at Granny’s Funnel Cake, the crunchy popcorn at E.G. Sugarwater’s or a Texas-sized frankfurter at Bubba’s Texas Giant Hot Dogs.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, grab a turkey leg at Uncle Bob’s Smokehouse, a smoked sausage at Goldminer’s Diner or Flags Famous chicken strips at Dry Hole Charlie’s.


Purchase your tickets online a minimum of three days before you visit the park and you’ll pay only $39.99 per person rather than the whopping $59.99 ticket price you’d get charged at the gate!

If you don’t have three days to purchase your ticket but still have the option to buy online, you will also save (just not as much) because everyone gets the kids’ ticket price of $42.99 when they buy online.

Now with so many great reasons to go to Six Flags Over Texas, what are you waiting for? Click on over and order your tickets so you can treat the family to some wholesome, screaming, soaring, thrilling fun in Arlington’s biggest attraction.

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