A customer at an ArkLaTex Whataburger store captured this argument between a customer and the employees... OUTRAGEOUS!

Customer Jerry Woods placed his order at a Shreveport Whataburger and the employee behind the counter gave his order to a different customer, the "other customer" reached into the bag, ate a couple of fries and opened the burger to realize it was not his order. The employee reportedly took the bag and gave it to the customer that placed the order in the first place. The customer that had originally asked for the order asked to have another meal prepared since the stranger had his hands all over his food. The lady behind the counter, just took the same burger and put it in a different bag in front of Mr. Woods. Woods then asked to have a fresh order prepared and the staff refused, he then asked for his money back and again the staff refused. That is when another customer began recording this video of the argument that ensued.

The Whataburger Corportate Director of Operations released a statement that in part said,

Based on the actions shown in this video, and our internal investigation, the employees involved have been let go."

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