Authorities are investigating a new business that has suddenly cropped up. The "Fantasy Maid Service" offers an attractive woman, wearing barely anything, to clean your home or office. Owner Melissa Borrett says she's an entrepreneur trying to make ends meet after her waitressing jobs didn't pay the rent. For 100-bucks she'll clean your home. And it's just not the wax floors that'll get stripped.The women at "Fantasy Maid Service" do a little stripping of their own. Melissa says (quote) "We clean, we cook, we iron, do laundry, pretty much any kind of household chores  it's all maid's work.

A few college students have hired me. Their apartments and dorms get pretty messy. They definitely don't like to clean." In addition, "Fantasy Maid Service" offers a discount to police, firefighters, and members of the military.


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