Not sure how you feel about it, but it seems like forever since there was a really good Super Bowl Halftime show, but that could change if some Weird Al fans get their way!

Some will say that there is no way this could ever happen, but Weird Al could shock the world! When I had a chance to talk to Al we discussed a few tidbits about his long career... For instance, since the beginning of MTV, Al's career has outlasted a bunch of the artists he's lampooned over the years. Al has sold more comedy albums than any other artist in the world. (True). He also writes, and has been featured on the New York Times Best Seller List.

The petition on was started by Ed Ball who admits he was drunk when he started the thing, but he lays out some pretty good reasons why. He was overhearing a discussion in a bar, where a young lady was talking about who she would like to see perform at the Super Bowl... the list included, Selena Gomez, and somebody by the name of Iggy Azalea... so he started the petition and at last check had about 4,000 signatures!

If Al does by some chance get the gig, he will HAVE to do this one...


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