Fabio, the maestro of all things romantic, wants to make your Valentine's Day memorable.

The beefcake model, who's lent his melt-your-heart face and wow-and-they-chiseled muscles to the covers of countless romance novels, is stepping up his love game in a new 18-minute video on Feeln where he's chilling out on a lavish, comfortable looking rug, while snuggling kittens and drinking some champagne in  front of a crackling fire.


It's like the perfect man has somehow become the even more perfect man.

If you're not sure you want to spend 18 minutes with the hunky 56-year-old Fabio (56!), you can watch an abridged version of the video where your self-esteem will skyrocket as you listen to him say things like, "Hello, gorgeous. I'm glad you could make it," "You make me want to be a better man," "Life is not the amount of breath you take. It's the moment that take your breath away," "Our love is like the wind. We don't see it, but we always feel it."

Oh, that Fabio. Not only does he look good, but also knows just the right thing to say.

See, he is the perfect man.

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