An explosion has occurred at a fertilizer plant just north of Waco, and authorities believe that there may be as many as 70 dead, and many more injured.

Here's some video from earlier on CNN...

News station KWTX reported that the EMS Director said as many as "60 or 70 were killed" in the small town of West, Texas. However, the mayor said that it was too early to say. We know from reports that there is a steady stream of ambulances, and all area hospitals are receiving injured.

The explosion and resulting fires caused a lot of damage to a nearby residential area including an apartment complex that was also destroyed, along with an intermediate school located next door to West Fertilizer, and there are reports of a lot of serious injuries coming from a nursing home in the area. Damage from the explosion has been reported from as far away from the plant as 6 miles. The U.S. Geological Survey measured the explosion as a 2.1 earthquake.

Authorities are still evacuating people from the area, as only one of two anhydrous ammonia tanks exploded and the other could explode with fires still burning.

This is a developing story... check back for updates.

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