Almost every girl at least once in their life dreams of their wedding day. Some may only think about it, while some may have it all planned out and just need to insert a groom. From the cake to the dress you probably have an idea of what you want. With the help of Pinterest, girls in every office, classroom, waiting room or just at home are planning that special day.

I am a single 19-year-old college student, but I can already tell you my bridesmaids will wear dark purple during my mid-June wedding as I carry a bouquet of hydrangeas down the aisle in my lace wedding dress. That's just how girls work...or maybe that's just how I work. Anyways, your wedding day is a big deal.

With celebrities seeming to get married left and right, inspiration for the perfect wedding is all around us.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had one of the most costly, but gorgeous weddings of all time. I mean doesn't every girl wish they were offered three Vera Wang dresses to pick from on their big day?! And I personally think black and white weddings are elegant and beautiful. Even though it did make a fabulous TV special, they didn't pay much attention to the vows. Which is the most important part..

If I was able to copy a wedding down to every last detail it would be Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William. The dress, the hair, the flowers. It was all perfect. Not only did she get to leave her wedding in a carriage, she became a princess. Talk about a dream. I will always remember waking up at 4 in the morning with my mom to watch every second of it.

Chris Jackson, Getty Images
Chris Jackson, Getty Images

Whatever your dream wedding may be, you should have the opportunity to have it. Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism is offering you the chance to have your perfect day. You can enter the contest to win a wedding package from one of six beautiful locations in Arkansas. To learn more about the contest and to enter, click here.

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