A former member of Eddie Money’s band has filed a lawsuit against the late singer’s estate, claiming at least $1.5 million in unpaid royalties.

Guitarist John Nelson recorded with Money from 1980’s Playing for Keeps to 1999’s Ready Eddie. He also has other credits on compilation albums up to 2016.

TMZ reported that Nelson “filed a claim against Eddie’s estate … claiming he’s owed royalties dating back to a contract he inked with Money back in 1986.” A specific complaint notes that Nelson was to be paid $16,234 plus two royalty points on the 1986 album Can’t Hold Me Back, while four other albums were covered by “oral agreements.” According to the report, a “lack of accounting on Eddie’s part” meant that Nelson was uncertain how much he was owed, so the figure of $1.5 million was entered as an estimate.

A spokesman for Money’s estate told TMZ: “We have yet to receive John Nelson’s filing, and in any event, his family will be exercising their right to handle Eddie’s estate and affairs, which they are confident is being done properly. Right now, their focus is on celebrating Eddie’s extraordinary life and career on this first anniversary of his death.”

Money died at 70 on Sept. 19, 2019, a month after revealing he’d been diagnosed with a cancer that had spread across his organs. “I don’t want to keep the fact that I have cancer from everybody,” he said. “It’s not honest. I want to be honest with everybody. … Am I going to live a long time? Who knows. It’s in God’s hands. But you know what? I’ll take every day I can get. Every day above ground is a good day.”


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