It's springtime, and besides the itchy, watery eyes and sneezing that comes with that, a lot of us start looking for excuses to get out of the house and find new places and try new things. To get away and do something besides yard work and honey-dos. As for me, the search for the perfect burger will continue in 2023, just as it has for practically my whole life. It's fun to take a Saturday or Sunday drive and head out in search of stuff to do that's within easy driving distance and if there just happens to be a highly-rated burger place there, so much the better. 

So, for this story, and back-of-mind planning on my part, let's go to Yelp and search for the highest-rated Burger Places in Northeast Texas:

hamburger with fries on wooden table

The first thing I found is that none of my search criteria came up with anything close by, none in Texarkana, New Boston, Atlanta, etc. The closest place is in Mt Pleasant. Nothing wrong with Mt Pleasant, I was just shocked that there was nothing closer. And frankly, I must toss in here my favorite burger in Texarkana, The Twisted Burger at Twisted Fork. Full Disclosure, yes, my son Tyler is the Executive Chef at Twisted Fork, however... this was my favorite burger in town before he got that promotion. So, it counts.

Let's see where else we might want to try:

Top 9 Burgers In Northeast Texas

The restaurants listed below were obtained from a search on Yelp for top-rated burgers in Northeast Texas. The search was conducted on April 6, 2023. We cannot guarantee any of these places still exist at the time you read this. When you plan your trip, please contact them first to be sure.

Another one missing is the Bacon Cheeseburger from TLC in downtown Texarkana, that's a good burger, my friends.

If you're wondering why we didn't do the Top 10, it's because #10 couldn't be verified to still exist.

Thanks for reading and happy burger hunting.

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