Gun season for Deer Hunting Arkansas just got a little more interesting, according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission they will start testing deer for COVID-19 infections.

In a recent study taken in Iowa that was conducted by Penn State University, research has shown that at least 30 percent of the deer there in 2020 tested positive for the infection and that it skyrocketed to an 80 percent positivity rate during wintertime. According to spokesperson Keith Stephens with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at this time there are no positive cases in Arkansas but they will be focusing on hunting in Northwest Arkansas along with the USDA. They advise hunters to be cautious and mindful while hunting this season across the state just in case and they don't see any setbacks at this time.

Whitetail Deer

However. you are asked to properly clean your deer wearing gloves and wash your hands when finished and if your deer appeared sick there are at least 100 locations in the state where you can get the deer tested for COVID-19.  So far, research hasn't proven whether humans can contract COVID-19 from the deer. Chronic Wasting Disease is another issue going on this year as well.

See this report from KATV-Little Rock.

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