My husband and I have been trying to adopt for about four years now.The first question our friends ask is, "Why do you want to adopt older children?" Although we keep going back and forth on the age of our children, one theme remains the same. Jathan and I want to make a positive difference in their life no matter what their age.

We want to help them feel whole again in a family that sees them for who they are not as we want them to be. Jathan and I have learned that it is integral to belong somewhere if you're to heal a broken part of yourself. Everyone needs to have that deep seated feeling that no matter what, they can depend on those that you have made your family.

No family escapes a bumpy road in life. However, extending your love to incorporate those who have never felt a sense of belonging truly demonstrates unconditional love for others. Maybe this video will inspire you to reach out to a child in need of a place to call home.