With Spring about two weeks away it's time for the annual spring forward on the clocks as we head into Daylight Saving Time.

Everyone will have to move their clocks forward one hour when they go to bed on Saturday. That will mean starting Sunday morning it will be darker in the morning, but an extra hour of light in the evenings.

Daylight Saving Time will stay in effect until the first Sunday in November, when we will once again fall back and return to normal Standard Time.

Arizona and Hawaii do not recognized DST, but stay on Standard Time year round, thus avoiding the twice a year ritual of clock changing.

Many states have had bills filed to end DST, including Texas, but to date none of them have passed their state legislatures.

Records show that accidents increase and health problems increase in the days and weeks following the move to DST.

The Uniform Time Act passed Congress in 1966 and signed into law by then President Lyndon B. Johnson. It set a uniform time for Daylight Saving Time to begin and end across the country, but did allow for exemptions.

That loophole allows Arizona, Hawaii, and any other state that chooses to not recognized DST.

There is once again a movement to get legislators in Texas next year to introduce a bill to end the moving of clocks.

It will be introduced, but the big question is whether it will ever pass.

Until that ever happens we will continue to move the clocks twice a year and spend the rest of the year griping about it....LOL.



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