Poet Jesse Parent got a standing ovation recently at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational with this performance. His message to boys that may some day date his daughter is funny and scary at the same time and should be heard by all.

In his message Jesse says,

When you were taking your first steps, I was preparing to make it so you'd never walk again. When you played at war, I was perfecting head shots, you can't catch up at this point"

His message is a bit scary, and very funny but you can tell it is also full of love. Jesse also has a message for any girls that may one day want to date his daughter,

My wife is a better shot than I am."

We've all heard about the dads that clean shotguns or sharpen knives when they meet the boyfriends. Not me. What I do is tell an interesting story about how a pig will completely digest a human body. It's true, The pig will completely digest every part of the human body but the teeth. That's when I shake a medicine bottle full of the baby teeth of my beautiful daughters.

It works!