Oh, Congress! I love this story! Last year Congress was battling over the health of school lunches, and now pizza is a vegetable! Well, kinda.

First to be clear, Congress never declared pizza as a vegetable, but they did leave some loopholes so  schools nationwide can declare pizza a vegetable!

How did this happen? Well, it was a small little step. Congress declared that an eighth of a cup of tomato paste has the same nutritional value as a half a cup of vegetables. Oops! That backfired a bit! If that's true, then wouldn't a Snickers bar equal a serving of nuts?

No fear though, because Jared Polis, a congressman from Colorado, has introduced an act for school lunch improvements.  It's called The Slice Act,  (Yeah, the humor of that name does not escape me!) which will allow the Department of Agriculture to put new standards on pizza and tomato paste.

Polis told CBS news in Denver  “What Congress has done, believe it or not, is defy logic.” He's not against pizza he's just against it being called something it isn't. "Pizza may be fine to eat from time to time, but it ain’t a vegetable,” he said.

Thank you Mr. Polis!

via Rep. Polis Doesn’t Want Pizza Classified As A Vegetable Anymore « CBS Denver.