John Bonham, and I share a passion for Classic Automobiles and had to say something when I ran across this story. I don't know if anyone noticed that In the 1976 film ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ the four members of Led Zeppelin each had scenes showing them outside of the rock ‘n’ roll realm. Drummer John Bonham, an avid car collector, can be seen driving a 1915 Ford Model T — and that very vehicle can now be had, its current owner says.

Bruce Screen acquired the Bonham car in a trade 11 years ago, and ever since, he’s mostly kept it in a garage. “I’m too frightened to drive it on the roads,” he says. Screen’s preference is for the car to end up in a museum. “It needs to be seen and looked after,” Screen said. but I would  be interested to hear from people with ideas about where it could go? while you decide please enjoy this video of John performing in 1973 "Moby Dick"

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