Texarkana area residents suffering from sleep apnea have a new and convenient way to assess and seek treatment now that the CHRISTUS St. Michael Sleep Disorders Center offers home sleep apnea testing.  

“Sleep is a very important part of your life and can either enhance or adversely affect your health and well-being,” explained Kelly Johnson, RRT, RPSGT. “We work with adults and children with many types of symptoms related to sleeping disorders, such as poor sleep habits, insomnia or sleep apnea.”

Sleep conditions such as sleep apnea, can cause patients to lose valuable sleep at night. A lack of sleep can, in turn, have a negative impact on your health. The sleep specialists at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System recognize the need for early diagnosis and treatment of sleep-related illness.

“But it can be difficult – especially for parents or those patients with unusual work schedules – to complete a sleep study in our lab,” said Johnson. “So, we have developed this program to make it more convenient to assess our patients and their ability to undergo these life-changing treatments.”

Home Sleep Apnea Testing is now available to qualifying patients18-years or older and involves a very simplified breathing monitor that tracks your breathing, oxygen levels and breathing effort while worn.

“Without the full staff and equipment of a sleep lab, an at-home sleep apnea study cannot fully capture what is monitored with an overnight sleep study,” said Chuck Fricks, RRT, RPSGT. “However, there are some serious advantages with an at-home test. Most at-home sleep apnea tests are used just for one night. It is also often less expensive than undergoing a full sleep study in a clinic. With an at-home study, you’ll be in the comfort of your own surroundings.”

Experts advise that for individuals with certain heart, breathing, or neuromuscular problems, an overnight sleep study at a sleep center may be better. They can give a more thorough assessment of sleep issues and are attended by a sleep technologist which can capture many more signals, including brainwaves for sleep, muscle tone and leg movements.

“If you are being told that you snore, snort and gasp, if you have disrupted sleep or are sleepy during the day, and you are overweight or obese, an at-home sleep apnea test may be very appropriate,” said Chuck Fricks RRT,RPSGT. “Talk with your clinical provider about your options, and we can help you find a solution that works with your life and gets you the treatment you need.”

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