The Fourth of July holiday is upon us and many of us are planning to see a Fireworks show somewhere this weekend. According to the website Ace Pyro, the length of the average fireworks show is from 15 to 20 minutes but this show from San Diego lasted a whopping 15 seconds.

The big 4th of July show in New York is one of my favorite ones to watch and it averages about 25 minutes. This 6 million dollar show put on by the department store Macy's has hundreds of shells that fire over 100o feet ion the air these bog shows fire over 15000 shells. When we did 'Sparks in the Park' the shows were around 20 minutes as well, but this colossal failure happened a few years ago in San Diego California.

The Garden State Fireworks team was in charge of the show that suffered this unbelievable mishap. Three of the four barges in the water that the fireworks were to be fired from suffered 'premature ignition'. So the entire show, every shell went off in a 15-second grand finale ball of fire. You can hear the spectators thinking that this is a huge display to start off the show then they realize that something has gone horribly wrong.

The show has had many successful events in the years after this incident. Do you plan on attending any 4th of July Fireworks shows?

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