The Texarkana Texas Police have let us know that once again credit card skimmers are showing up at area gas stations and it looks like the technology is getting more sophisticated.

Every time you turn around police find a new skimming device on a gas pump somewhere around here and then they send out another warning through their Facebook page to be on the lookout. The problem it seems, is when they post a new picture of the skimming device the bad guys appear to have upped the ante on the tech, the latest photo posted shows that the skimmer would be completely enclosed inside the pump, how are you supposed to know that's there? The answer is, as you will see below, you can't.

Ever since this problem started showing up several years ago, I have been tugging on the card slots to try and make sure they were not one of "those." But if the thieves are able to get inside the machines... how do they get inside the machines? Don't the people running the station see this stuff happening? It's frustrating, to say the least.

Credit Card Skimmer - TTPD
Credit Card Skimmer - TTPD

So, how do we beat the bad guys?

The TTPD suggested solution is below as posted on their Facebook Page.

"What can I do to protect myself against skimmers?" You've probably figured out that there's likely not much that you can realistically do on the front end - short of never using your credit or debit card EVER - and that's simply not an option for most of us. The best defense is to keep a close watch on your account activity. Review them on a regular basis. A great feature that most credit cards and banks now have the ability to almost immediately send you a text or email anytime your card is used. If you notice any suspicious activity on the account, immediately notify your financial institution. If you believe that your account information has been compromised, it's best to ask them cancel your existing card and issue you a new one. Better safe than sorry.

Is that the answer you wanted to hear? Probably not, but the harsh reality is we have to fight back as hard they fight to get it, or we lose. If your card doesn't notify you of every transaction, find one that does.

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