Two people from Texarkana have been arrested, and one is on the run for the theft of a trailer in Bowie County, and all while passing Sheriff James Prince at least three times during the crime.

Jamie Clarke Choate 50, and Tracy Wayne Delese 47, were arrested and booked into the Bi-State Justice Center for a charge of theft over $500 and under $1,500.


Tuesday Sheriff Prince was in the Echo Hills Subdivision and a pick-up passed him twice in separate directions. A short time later the same truck came up behind Prince on driving on Bowie Parkway, he pulled over to let them pass and noticed the were hauling a trailer that they did not have before.

He followed the truck as it turned into Tex-Americas thinking they may be employees, but after several turns and maneuvers by the men in the truck it became obvious they didn't belong there. That's when he called for a deputy to come stop the vehicle. When Deputy Randall Baggett arrived the truck fled turning a few times but ending up turning into a drive-way. The driver of the truck fled on foot, leaving Choate and Delese in the truck to be arrested after law enforcement confirmed that the trailer had indeed been stolen. Both are being held on a $5,000 bond.

The driver has been identified as 33-year-old Michael Scott Ingram. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. If anyone has information on his whereabouts contact Lieutenant Alton White at 903-798-3149 or call 911.

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