Nothing like having your 16 year old daughter throw a party, then you realize things are missing around the house, expensive things! That's what happen to Bob Seger last August.

Among the stolen items: Bob Seger's Gibson Les Paul, which is featured on the cover of his 1994 "Greatest Hits" album,  a Rolex and autographed Shaquille O’Neal sneakers.

Andrew D. Thompson, 20, was arrested and charged Tuesday with larceny from a building. The Orchard Lake, Mich., police chief said Thompson admitted the theft, which took place last August.

Interestingly, that guitar, valued between $8,000 to $10,000, all of a sudden appeared later in Seger's backyard.

Thompson denies stealing the guitar although Detective Darrell Betts said it turned up right after he questioned Thompson about the incident.

Betts also suggested Thompson broke into the back door after the small party had ended to steal the items.



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