If you purchase the deluxe edition of Black Sabbath’s new album, 13, you're in for a treat. The band has revealed that they plan to include three additional cuts for the special release: “Methademic,” “Peace of Mind” and “Pariah.”

The standard and deluxe editions of 13 are set to be released on June 11. If you pre-order either version now at iTunes, you'll score an immediate download of the album’s first single, “God is Dead?”

We’ll get a taste of the upcoming release when the group premieres one of the new cuts, "End of the Beginning," on the May 15 episode of the CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Here is the full track list for 13, including the running times for each song:

"End of the Beginning" (8:07)

"God Is Dead?" (8:54)

"Loner" (5:06)

"Zeitgeist" (4:28)

"Age of Reason" (7:02)

"Live Forever" (4:49)

"Damaged Soul" (7:43)

"Dear Father" (7:06)

“Methademic” (6:00)

“Peace of Mind” (3:43)

“Pariah” (5:35)

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