Summer road trips are always fun. Whether you decide to go for a long road trip or a short one there is always something new and fun to discover. I'm just surprised that a recent study showed that the best states for a road trip didn't include Texas or Arkansas.

Yeah, what are they thinkin'? WalletHub based its study on gas prices, road conditions, accident rates, places to eat, national parks, scenery, camping, and weather patterns.

The top 10 states were:

1. Oregon

2. Nevada

3. Utah

4. North Carolina

5. Minnesota

6. Washington

7. Idaho

8. Colorado

9. Louisiana

10. Vermont.

What? Texas and Arkansas didn't make the list? Are you kidding me? Even more unbelievable is that Arkansas made the "worst" list!

Oh come on!

Just of the top of my head here is what comes to mind for Texas and Arkansas road trips:


1. Arlington, Texas and all the activities there. From touring the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to Ranger games, Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor.

2. Jefferson, Texas. Step back in time and go antiquing for the weekend.

3. San Antonio. A beautiful city with the Riverwalk and Sea World.

4. Great camp grounds and lakes all over including Lake Wright Patman, Lake O' the Pines, Lake Travis near Austin and of course you can't forget the beach in Galveston and Padre Island.


1. Lakes galore is reason enough for Arkansas to have made it into the top 10. And beautiful lakes at that! There are tons of great places to camp, rent cabins or hotels at Lake DeGray, Lake Greeson, Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita. And there are parks and lakes

2. Hot Springs is a great little town for shopping, restaurants, spas, off-roading at Superlift ORV Park, Magic Springs water and theme park and lake activities.  

3. Eureka Springs is another great little town that has a European feel to it with great shops and check out the Passion Play.

Like I said, these are just some of the first things I thought of. So, when I see a study saying that Texas and Arkansas aren't good states for road trips, yes, my feathers get a little ruffled to say the least.

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