Summer road trip season is here. Last year a study showed that Texas and Arkansas were not on the list of best states for a road trip. This year, Texas made the list and so did Louisiana, but Arkansas still didn't make the list? Who are these people?   

Last year's study on WalletHub based its study on gas prices, road conditions, accident rates, places to eat, national parks, scenery, camping, and weather patterns.

This year WalletHub

The top 10 states were:

1. Oregon

2. Utah

3. Washington

4. North Carolina

5. Louisiana

6. Texas

7. Nevada

8. Minnesota

9. California


Where did Arkansas come in? Number 44. Yes, that puts Arkansas once again in the ten worst states for a road trip. How about giving Arkansas a little love this summer. Check out these places for a road trip. Below are some places I came up with from the top of my head last year when Arkansas made the worst list.



1. Lakes galore is reason enough for Arkansas to have made it into the top 10. And beautiful lakes at that! There are tons of great places to camp, rent cabins or hotels at Lake DeGray, Lake Greeson, Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita. And there are parks and lakes

2. Hot Springs is a great little town for shopping, restaurants, spas, off-roading at Superlift ORV Park, Magic Springs water and theme park and lake activities.  

3. Eureka Springs is another great little town that has a European feel to it with great shops and check out the Passion Play.

Not to mention you can go digging for Diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park and crystals and arrowheads too.  Yes, once again this study has gotten my feathers ruffled again.

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