Now is the time to plan on spending a little extra time in your morning schedule, as area students get ready to go back to school.  Kids will be walking, running, and playing near roadways before and after school.  

Don't take a route near a school if you are in too big of a hurry... Parents will be doing the best they can in traffic around school zones.  Be sure to use school designated drop off locations to avoid your child having to take a risk walking in areas where they could be injured with vehicle traffic.

Arkansas side students will go back to class Wednesday August 17th, and Texas side students will return Monday August 22nd.

Cellphone use is strictly prohibited in school zones, unless you are stopped, using a hands free device, or calling 911.

Again, give yourself extra time in the mornings. Aggressive driving and foolishness will not be tolerated in school zones, and will cost you a great deal of money, or more if you hurt a child.

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