It's Back to School time, which means now is a good time to go over some of those laws and guidelines for driving in school zones and what to do when you see a school bus.

Yes, we are supposed to stop for school buses whenever they are loading and unloading students. But as the Texarkana, Texas Police Department posted on their Facebook page,

Every year, there seems to be some confusion about if that is an absolute rule - or if there are exceptions. Basically, you have to stop every time unless you are on a road divided by a median and the bus is stopping on the other side of the median. You have to stop any other time you come upon a bus with their red flashing lights on.


A few years ago the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department posted these reminders as well.

• It is illegal to pass a school bus from any direction while the busses’ red lights are flashing.
• Put your cell phone down!!! Texting and social media is a distraction as well as illegal!
• Most school zone speed limits and boundaries are clearly marked and should be strictly followed. 15 miles per hour is the maximum speed within school zones.
• Remember to watch for kids, because they may not be watching for you.
• Parents should take care when dropping their children off in school driveways.
• Parents should always remind their children to watch for other vehicles that are pulling through driveways and always look both ways before crossing a school driveway.
Patrol Officers will be working in school zones at the beginning and end of each school day. These officers, along with the on campus school resource officers, will take enforcement actions dealing with criminal violations that occur on school property. In addition, the patrol officers will often spend time walking through the school during the day to ensure the safety of both our children and faculty.


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