Today, Mattel finally unveiled the final member of its Barbie-fied DC Trinity. Now Superman can partner up with Batman and Wonder Woman for all kinds of outrageous fashion adventures. Will Darkseid's attack close down the mall and prevent Clark from buying a new flannel shirt? Will Batman finally muster up enough courage to ask Wonder Woman to the Spring Fling? Can the T-birds finally take the Scorpions out on Thunder Road?

For a mass-market figure, the Henry Cavill Ken doll head isn't all that bad. It's got those piercing blue eyes; the thick, expressive eyebrows; the cleft chin and strong jawline; it even looks as if he's silently judging you for having your doubts about the DC Cinematic Universe. Or maybe he's just giving you stone cold Blue Steel right in the kisser.

Look out Zoolander, Kal-el is coming for you.

That's just about where the big positives for this Superman Barbie end though. While the traditional Kryptonian garb does look okay, the screen printing of details on the blue jumpsuit look cheap. The "S" symbol and its texturing look great, so why couldn't the same be done for the the accents elsewhere on the costume? I mean, I know why why, but this is supposed to be a Barbie from Mattel's adult collector line. You're supposed to go the extra mile with these because adults can afford to pay a little more.

Since all three figures have now made their grand showing, Wonder Woman is still the clear front-runner for the best, and second place is not even close. Top to bottom, she's miles above and beyond Supes and Bats. Now, not having had a Black Label Barbie doll, I can't say whether or not the costume will be removable, and allow you to swap Batman's and Superman's costumes in order to trick people like they have done in several stories over the years. Neither of the male figures will fit into Wonder Woman's outfit though, so all my "What If?..." dreams just went down the drain.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman Barbie is available for pre-order now for $39.95. It's set to ship on March 1. Batman and Wonder Woman Barbies are also up for pre-order now for the same price, and with the same shipping details.




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