Finally, football is here. Game on!  Tonight will mark the 101st game between the Arkansas High Razorbacks vs. the Texas High Tigers. This year, the game will be at Razorback stadium and will kickoff at 8PM.Last year, the game was held on the Texas-side of town where the Hogs pulled off an upset of their border town rivalry. Through the years, Texas High has pretty much had the Razorbacks' number, so you can understand why it is always somewhat bittersweet, when you come out victorious in a hard fought battle. The fans, coaches, players all know what this games represents, bragging rights in a town that sits one half in Texas and the other half in Arkansas.

Every year, each team has their very own special pep rally at their respective schools. Texas High has what it calls a "Bacon Fry," serving up fried bacon to students and faculty members while Arkansas High's theme is "Orange Crush" served up to any willing participant.

So whether you are a Texas High or Arkansas High alum or fan, let's show our school spirit by rooting for your favorite team.

So, just as in the movie Friday Night Lights, when the lights tonight will switch on at Razorback stadium, one can't help but think of all the splendor that will come from the field. The atmosphere will be electric when these two teams line up against one another. The pageantry will flow from the bands, cheerleaders and the fans in the stand. You just know there's something special about this game. It may not count in the conference standings for either team, but don't tell the fans or the players.


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