The Super Walmart stores in both Texarkana Texas and Arkansas were evacuated and closed after receiving "bomb threats" early Friday morning.

Reports are that threats were also received and action taken at other area Walmart stores at the same time.

In a joint press release from the Texarkana Texas Police Department and Texarkana Arkansas Police Department,

Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas Police are joining with other area law enforcement agencies in the investigtation of multiple calls of  bomb threats.  On April 18th, 2014 at approxiamtely 7:00am employees of two seperate local businesses called 911 after recieving a call from an unkonwn male advising a bomb was located inside the busines and would detonate during a specific time.  All calls occurred within minutes of each other to businesses in the 4000 block of New Boston Road and 100 block of Arkansas Boulevard.  Both busniness were evacuated and closed while a seach was conducted by the store employees.


At this time the investigation continues as detectives search to identify the suspect.


If anyone has information about these crimes, they are encouraged to call 911 or Texarkana Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP."