What time do your kids go to sleep on school nights? Is it 8 or even 9 at night. 

I am the parent of two school-aged kids 12 and 8 and our bedtime is the same for both of them. We tried having two separate bedtimes but that did not work out with my two competing kids.

Between devices and reading, getting them to go to bed on a steady schedule is pretty challenging. I found a story that a teacher for Wilson Elementary in Kenosha Wisconson shared that shocked me. Stacey Karlson is the teacher that shared a chart that went viral. In the picture, it shows what time your child should be going to bed to be well-rested for a full day of school. Here is the chart.

Wilson Elementary Facebook
Wilson Elementary Facebook

For us, I guess it is been a carryover from the pandemic. We have had a pretty consistent rule about an 8:30 Pm bedtime but since March it has gotten a little bit later. The usual wake up time for my kids is around 6:30 am.

In the chart, my daughter who is 8 should be going to bed at 8 pm an entire hour earlier than she is now. As for my son, he should be going to bed at 8:45 pm. The thought of trying to get my daughter to bed at 8 will be a seriously difficult task. She is a night owl and seems to get her second wind around 8 pm. My son on the other hand actually goes to bed before bedtime sometimes so this 15-minute adjustment should be no problem.

Keep in mind this is a chart from one teacher, but it may explain my daughter's groggy 'I don't want to get out of the bed' mornings. What time do your kids go to school?

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